Jerry Butler Biography

Jerry Butler BiographyJerry Butler: AKA (Arthur West, Gerry Butler, Jerry Buttler, Jerry Rillios, John Hamilton, Paul Siederman, Paul Sutton )
Birthday: March 13, 1959

Astrology: Pisces
Birthplace: New York ,
Years Active: 1980- 2009
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: Jewish, American
Hair Color: Brown, Blond
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: Yes (Script on right buttock (later career?))
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Buck Adams, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron

Jerry Butler BiographyJerry Butler (born May 13, 1959) is an American retired pornographic film actor, a popular male performers in a career which lasted from 1981 to 1993 in more than 500 films.


Butler was born Paul Siederman in Brooklyn to a Jewish father and a mother of half German/Irish and half Cherokee Native American descent. His paternal grandfather, Sam Siederman, was the half-brother of Russian Communist leader Leon Trotsky.

Butler initially tried his luck at mainstream acting, performing in a variety of Off-Broadway plays. He also had a few walk-ons on the long-running soap One Life to Live (1978) as well as an uncredited appearance in Frank Henenlotter’s horror classic Basket Case (1982). He was generally unhappy with the constant pressure to sleep with men in exchange for parts, and began to slowly grow tired of the wasted effort.

He first got into hardcore in 1981 after answering an ad in "Backstage Magazine" looking for hardcore actors. He went in to audition for a non-sex role and after a little persuading, ended up with a hardcore sex role in the 1981 film Young, Wild and Wonderful.

His stage name was inspired from hearing the Jerry Butler song "Only the Strong Survive" on the radio while he was picking up his first paycheck. Butler was touted as the most talented male actor in his day with turns in Chuck Vincent’s bigger budget adult efforts Roommates (1981) and In Love (1983), the latter winning him Hustler’s Best Actor Award.

During his adult film career, Butler made appearances in three more mainstream films, playing a comedic role in Preppies (1984), the dramatic lead in psychological thriller Deranged (1987) both directed by Chuck Vincent, and in the horror film Evils of the Night (1985) with Aldo Ray, John Carradine, Tina Louise and Julie Newmar.

In 1987, Butler married former child star Lisa Loring who was best known for playing Wednesday Addams on The Addams Family television show in the 1960s. They met on the set of the adult film Traci’s Big Trick (1987), where Lisa was working as a make-up artist. In the ensuing years of their marriage, Loring voiced her dissatisfaction with Butler’s continued involvement in pornography, and eventually Butler began secretly participating in porn shoots without her knowledge. In an interview with NBC’s Dateline in the 1990s Butler described himself as "addicted to the lifestyle", ashamed of his clandestine behavior and its effect on his marriage. The couple later appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, again discussing the damage Butler’s porn career was causing to their marriage. Butler and Loring divorced in 1992, which was also the year he began to drop out of the hardcore industry, and evidently by choice virtually disappeared from the public eye for many years.

Jerry Butler BiographyButler released an autobiography (as told to Robert Rimmer and Catherine Tavel) called Raw Talent in the early ’90s, giving an insider’s account of the porn scene. He was very forthcoming in the book, giving very intimate details of some of his fellow co-workers in the business, and citing the existence of widespread drug abuse in the industry. This angered many of his colleagues, including Ron Jeremy who, in his own biopic film specifically registered his displeasure with the unflattering way in which Butler portrayed him in the book.

Butler re-surfaced in 2003 in a non-sex role in a porn film entitled Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That (2003), which was directed by underground rapper Necro. Butler was also a featured guest on Necro’s album The Sexorcist (2005). He went on to work as a concession stand cashier and usher at the Blue Pussycat Pornographic Movie House in Scranton.

1985 AFAA Best Actor for Snake Eyes
1985 XRCO Best Actor for Snake Eyes
AVN Hall of Fame

Filmography (non-pornographic)

Basket Case (1982) (uncredited) …. Casey Greeter No. 1
Preppies (1984) (as Paul Sutton) …. Dick Foster
Evils of the Night (1985) (as Paul Siederman) …. Eddie
Deranged (1987) (as Paul Siederman) …. Frank
Electric Blue 53 (1987) (V) …. Dr. Lamarr


One Life to Live – Multiple uncredited appearances, 1978
The Morton Downey Jr. Show – playing "Himself", September 1988
Frontline – playing "Himself" in episode: "Death of a Porn Queen", 1987
The Sally Jesse Raphael Show – playing "Himself" alongside his then-wife Lisa Loring, 1991


One of the most popular male stars of the 1980’s, Jerry Butler was a blonde-haired hunk whose popularity didn’t stem from his size alone. In fact, Jerry was a fairly normally-endowed young man, but his passionate and caring sexual style quickly caught on with female co-stars and fans alike. His handsome features and more-than-decent acting skills made him one of the most sought-after studs on the 80’s porno circuit, and his performances rarely disappointed.Jerry was born Jerry Butler in New York City in the late 50’s and led the normal life of a young Jewish guy in the city. He was attending junior college in the late 70’s when he got bitten by the acting bug, and soon he was enrolled in one of the top acting schools in New York. He landed a role in an off-Broadway play that called for him to appear nude onstage, which brought out a bit of the exhibitionist in him.Soon, he answered an ad in a local paper seeking men for hardcore features. A prodigiously sexual young man, Jerry took the job and soon found himself one of the hottest young talents in the business. Jerry first hit porno screens in 1981, and appeared in over 500 features during his ten-year-plus career. Some of his hottest work can be found in ’10 1/2 Weeks,’ a take-off of the mainstream hit that found him in an obsessive relationship with Barbara Dare. His romping with Heather Hart in ‘God Daughter 3’ and with Kristara Barrington and Keisha in ‘Real Men Eat Keisha’ also stand out.Jerry released an autobiography called "Raw Talent" in the early 90’s, giving an insider’s account of the hardcore scene. His sometimes severe honesty angered many in the business, and by 1992 he had left the scene completely. Rumor has it that he worked driving a bus for the handicapped in Staten Island before a recent move to upstate New York. He remains one of the most popular studs of his era.

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