Vintage porn 70 – “Busty And Wet By Herself 1”

Name: Busty And Wet By Herself 1


Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1970

Duration: 120 min


Actress: Candy Samples,Denise Hicks,Sharon Wise

Categories: Vintage porn 70, 1970, United States, English, Candy Samples, Denise Hicks, Sharon Wise

The famous By Herself series took a simple premise and produced some of the most memorable big tit films of the 70s, hot women, big tits, and all alone. The cameras give you long and hard close up looks at every curve, every inch of flesh and nice long looks at wet and spread pussies. These classic films should be in the collection of every tit man! Models include Candy Samples, Nori, Serena, Gina and more for 14 total films!


Muriel White movies – “Sex Fever”

Name: Sex Fever

Year: 1976

Country: Germany

Language: German

Director: Lasse Braun

Duration: 75 min

Categories: Muriel White movies, 1976, Germany, German, Lasse Braun, Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, Celine Gallone, Muriel White

Actress: Cathy Stewart,Diane Dubois,Celine Gallone,Muriel White


It’s the sex fever that makes people forget all shame and plunge into wild fucking. It’s the insatiable lust that turns good girls into horny lesbians or cock-hungry sluts, or even both. Watch a group of oversexed adults enjoy all pleasures of wild sex including lesbian lovemaking, hot blowjobs, heated group fucking and mind-blowing orgasms.