Christi Lake videos – “Candy Stripers 5”

Name: Candy Stripers 5

Language: English

Duration: 79 min

Year: 1990

Country: United States

Director: Bud Lee

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Actress: Shanna McCullough,Tina Tyler,Christi Lake,Tawny Ocean,Sonya Redd,Sonjia Red

Actors: Scott Turner,Kyle Stone,Ted Craig,John Decker,Brian Surewood,George Kaplan,Chris Cannon,Tyce Bune

When the new generation of horny candy stripers run amok at the local hospital, you can rest assured that there’s a whole lotta sexual healin’ going on! What ever might ail you and the doctor just cant fix, the candy stripers have a dose of their own medicine that will fix you right up, its a pussy pill and you can have all the meds you want. Enjoy!


Laura Valerie pussy – “The Lady Doctor”

Name: The Lady Doctor

Director: Hans-Jurgen Traebert

Language: German

Year: 1989

Duration: 78 min

Country: Germany

Actress: Laura Valerie,Jasmin Duran,Gianna Del Madre,Melinda Meier

Actors: Christophe Clark,Joey Murphy,Roland Konig

Categories: Laura Valerie pussy, 1989, Germany, German, Hans-Jurgen Traebert, Laura Valerie, Jasmin Duran, Gianna Del Madre, Melinda Meier, Christophe Clark, Joey Murphy, Roland Konig

A couple of years ago I found an old VHS tape from my late teenage years. It was a kind of best of tape I had made in 1990/91.